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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Let Them Play OL

The National Flag League

The NFL is no longer the National Football League. They are the National Flag League.

Their favorite weapons of choice?
  1. Holding
  2. Illegal Block in the Back

Did You Ever Play Football, Bruh?

I don't know if any of the refs in the NFL have ever played football. At any level.


Middle School.

High School.



But I can promise you one thing. NONE of them have ever played on the offensive line in the NFL before.

Or college.

Throw The Fucking Flag!

"Throw the fucking flag!" - Roger Goodell

Have you ever played in the NFL before, Roger?


How about on the OL?

What is holding?

Honestly I have no fucking idea. I can't remember the last time the television replay actually showed somebody "holding" anyone when the penalty was called.
  1. An OL is supposedly able to not only put their hands in between the shoulder pads of a defensive lineman, but they are actually ALLOWED TO FUCKING HOLD onto the jersey in this particular scenario
In last Thursday night's football game between the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars, I saw two holding penalties called personally by the HEAD REFEREE that replay showed:
  1. The Jacksonville OL was BLOCKING the DL from the SIDE. Is it really illegal to block someone from the side? WTF is that? Seriously?
  2. I believe another Jacksonville OL was HOLDING onto the DL just like I describe above. And when the ball carrier ran in that direction of said OL/DL, the OL LET GO OF THE DL LIKE HE IS FUCKING SUPPOSED TO. And the HEAD REFEREE CALLED HOLDING AGAIN! A FUCKING LEGAL PLAY THAT IS FUCKING BEING FLAGGED FOR FUCKING TEN YARDS!
It is shit like this that decides NFL football games.

Let Them Play OL

If Roger Goodell really believes MORE holding penalties need to be called in NFL games, and the refs are more than willing to oblige, then let them all strap on the fucking gear:

And have them go up against these motherfuckers:

Then you can tell me, and the rest of the fucking world, what is and is not a holding penalty.

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