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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

It's too easy to frame someone for online cheating

Let's start with the facts regarding Hans Niemann and

  • Hans beats Magnus OTB September 4th, 2022
  • Magnus withdraws from the Sinquefield Cup the next day
  • bans Hans the same day of Carlsen's withdrawal privately and without reason
  • Hans rats out on live TV for banning him the prior day without cause or reason
This puts into damage control mode because they can't look like they banned a player on their platform for playing a game that did not involve whatsoever.

Three fucking days later on September 8th, 2022, Danny Rensch sends out the following statement:
"We have shared detailed evidence with Hans concerning our decision, including information that contradicts his statements regarding the amount and seriousness of his cheating on"

For the record, Hans detailed three days prior on live TV that he had cheated once when he was 12 and again several times when he was 16. He got caught cheating when he was 16. Hans is now 19 years old.

It is also important to remember that this "detailed evidence" Danny spoke of was never released publicly.

Two and a half weeks go by, and on September 26th 2022 Eric the CEO of says him and Danny have been working nonstop the whole time on gathering evidence against Hans. So what the fuck happened to the "detailed evidence" they spoke of on September 8th? Wasn't that good enough to ban Hans from on September 5th 2022? Why didn't they just release that information on the 8th? It should have been sufficient to back up their claims Hans cheated more than he said he did, and more recently as well.

Now it is October 4th 2022 and it has taken Danny and Eric an entire fucking month to come up with some homemade Amish bullshit against Hans. In fact, even though the Amish are technologically challenged, they could have fabricated evidence much faster than Danny and Eric did.

You know what the best parts about their "report" are?

  1. Hans cheated a nice round number of 100 times over a 5 year period
  2. Hans cheated in Titled Tuesday events which have prize money, but he never won the God damn events
  3. The last time says Hans cheated on their platform was August of 2020, over two fucking years ago
Now Danny and Eric, where is all the fucking evidence Hans has cheated on or around September 5th 2022 on which is the day he was banned a second time? IT DOESN'T EXIST BECAUSE HANS NIEMANN WOULD HAVE NEVER CHEATED ON CHESS.COM AFTER GETTING CAUGHT THE FIRST TIME BECAUSE HE *KNOWS* HE WILL GET CAUGHT AGAIN!!!!!! Danny and Eric, in their quest to cover their own asses for banning Hans after he beat their *business partner* Magnus Carlsen Over-the-fucking-board in Saint Louis, comes out with a report about his cheating years ago that he had already been banned for once! AND THIS IS EVIDENCE WHY HANS WAS BANNED AGAIN?!?!?!?!?! Checkmate motherfuckers!

Next time you present evidence on why a player has been banned on your website Danny and Eric, HAVE SOME FUCKING EVIDENCE FOR IT!!!! I would have just taken games from other players that were confirmed cheaters on and copied them to Hans' game history, replacing the actual cheater's username with Hans' username. In an hour I can copy hundreds, or even thousands, of cheaters' games into Hans' account. And Hans can't deny he played those games because he doesn't remember every game he has played on The October 4th 2022 report says Hans agrees to the report's findings about his level of cheating over two years ago, which is the only thing he can do when presented with fabricated evidence.

So now that the report is finally out, it begs several questions:
  1. Why is Hans Niemann being banned TWICE on for the same fucking evidence which is at best TWO FUCKING YEARS OLD
  2. Your fucking report still does not answer why Hans was banned the day after he beats Magnus in the 2022 Sinquefield Cup, an Over-the-Board tournament THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CHESS.COM
  3. Why did you ban Hans FIRST then take a fucking month to LITERALLY FIND NO EVIDENCE TO BAN HIM?
Again checkmate motherfuckers. Danny and Eric lost twice in the same blog post. Well done.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

A Letter to Vladimir Putin

I don't know why the fuck you are in Ukraine. I really don't. First of all, both Russia and Ukraine are a part of the Commonwealth of Independent States. That's like Texas invading New Mexico (I shouldn't give Greg Abbot any ideas). Makes no sense at all.

Are you really afraid of Ukraine joining NATO? So much so you will invade Ukraine now while they are not a part of NATO? That makes no sense at all, either. Primarily because NATO exists as a balance of military power against you, and all you did by invading Ukraine is justify NATO's existence.

I don't believe for one nanosecond this is about the acquisition of land. That is fucking bullshit. Russia is already the largest country in the world by land area, you don't need any more. Trying to annex part of eastern Ukraine makes no sense at all. You don't fucking need it. Russia only has 150,000,000 people in the largest country on Earth. There's plenty of room for everybody in Russia already.

Is this invasion about economics? Is that what Crimea was about? Is Russia so bad off economically that you need to take Ukraine's cities and land for your own? Is an eastern Ukraine that's been blown to hell by your military really better than what you already have in Russia? If so, things must be exceptionally poor for those living in Russia right now.

Is this about power? Are you pissed off America and Europe have as much economic and political power as they do? Have we been stepping on your toes in some way, besides NATO, that I'm not aware of? Do you want Russia to have more power globally than it already has? Invading Ukraine doesn't give you more power. Sure, you get to exercise the power you already have against Ukraine, but you see just as well as I do that the invasion has only isolated you from the global community instead of strengthening your place in the world.

Listen, this shit is not complicated. America has as much wealth and power as we do because we a) know how to move money b) work hard for what we have c) invest in ourselves and d) trade instead of invade with others. For example, many people in America love avocados. Avocados are grown in Mexico. You don't see us invading Mexico and taking over their avocado farms. We buy that shit from them and pay for it to be hauled north. Whatever the fuck you want from Ukraine economically, trade for it God damnit.

Is America perfect? No, not even close. I'm not perfect, you're definitely not perfect. Nobody's perfect. So again, outside of NATO I don't know what else you have a problem with us. All I know is up until you invaded Ukraine, I didn't have a problem with Russia personally. Now you are playing around like it's 1939 again doing your best Adolf Hitler impression, and with that I most definitely have a problem.

War is not going to solve any of the problems you have, whether they be internal or external to Russia. You need to be a better leader and fix whatever problems there are internal to Russia first. And then magically you will find external problems either fixed or much easier to fix than before.

Just do yourself a favor and recall your military from Ukraine before you double down and escalate the war even further. You don't belong in Ukraine for any reason whatsoever, they did nothing to provoke you.