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Sunday, February 28, 2021

No Innocents

When I was younger, I believed most people were good by nature, only having a few flaws that overcame their better intentions from time to time.

Now that I fully understand who people really are, I can say with full confidence I made the wrong decision on Memorial Day, May 28th, 2001.

For back then I could not imagine the nuclear annihilation of so many innocent people just because I prevented 9/11. The problem I have come to understand is that there are no innocent people, save for myself and myself alone.

At every impasse, for every test I have done the right thing. And how do I get repaid? In the betrayal of those who see life as a game to be played on the burden of others. Not even the military gives me the respect I have earned and rightly deserve as their lives only exist because of the decisions *I* have made. And yet they pretend the world is going to end if they set the wrongs right and untarnish my name in the collective minds of the populace.

I honestly don't know what motivates people to do what they do. I am unburdened by the defects they were born with inside their minds. I only know what to do at all times to be the right thing, and that is why I admit now to doing the wrong thing. I should have prevented 9/11 just so this entire place would get lit up, for there is only one innocent on planet Earth, and he does not belong with the rest who were given behavioral defects that do not deserve to exist.

There is supposedly a war coming, although I doubt they have the guts to declare it. Always an excuse to why they cannot move forward. My chief concern now will not be those who took over my mind and body with the full intention of doing so to everyone and thereby take over the world. Those people will find death not far behind their ambitions. Nay, I am far more concerned about those who deserve death for the mental defects they possess, and yet will remain alive once the war is over.

Nuclear annihilation turns out to be the only option to ensure everyone who deserves death will find it. It was my mistake to not have learned this lesson twenty years ago, ergo the right course of action would have been followed.

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