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Saturday, November 28, 2020

An Incentive-Based Pay Structure for UT Longhorns Football Coaches

The Problem

The problem with the University of Texas Longhorns football program is very simple -- no accountability for the coaches to win games. To put simply, the head coach and assistant coaches are paid like they win the National Championship every year without having any incentive whatsoever to win a National Championship.

Let alone a Big XII Championship.

Let alone beat our most hated rival OU.

Let alone win regular season football games.

The Solution

The solution is also very simple -- you get paid for performance. It is that simple. The better you do, the more you get paid.

Let's take Tom Herman's $6 million dollar per year contract as an example of what an incentive-based pay structure would look like for the head coach of the Texas Longhorns:
Description Incentive Amount
Base Salary N/A $2,400,000
Big XII Championship 25% $3,000,000
Make National Championship Game 33.3333% $4,000,000
Win National Championship Game 50% $6,000,000

Regular Season Incentives

If the Texas Longhorns cannot beat the OU Sooners, they're not going to win a Big XII Championship. OU has won the overwhelming majority of Big XII Championships since 2000, mainly because they have beaten Texas almost every year since then.

Therefore, Regular Season incentives need to be installed that are geared towards reducing the base salary depending on how poorly the coach does his job during the season. If you're going to coach the Texas Longhorns like a high school football coach, then you get paid like a high school football coach. (Actually, I have seen better coaching at the high school level than at Texas for the past twenty years)
Description Penalty Amount
Lose to OU 25% -$600,000
Lose to Conference Opponent 10% -$240,000
Lose to Non-Conference Opponent 5% -$120,000

Minimum Pay

If the team has a particularly bad year, the minimum salary for the head coach is $120,000.

Salary Reinstatement

If the team wins the Big XII Championship, the full amount of the base salary for the head coach is reinstated plus the 25% incentive bonus.

Bowl Game Incentive

If the team makes and wins a bowl game (other than the CFP), the head coach makes a 25% incentive bonus on top of whatever his base salary ends up being depending on the performance of the team during the regular season.

Player Development Incentives

The Texas Longhorns have done less with more talent than any other team in college football since Mack Brown was the head coach. Needless to say, player development has historically not been a high priority for two decades now.

To fix this, there needs to be bonuses for the coaches to develop the talent while they are at Texas and make sure they get to be in a position to be drafted into the NFL.
Description Bonus Amount
Head Coach Per Draft Pick $250,000
Strength & Conditioning Coach Per Draft Pick $100,000
Offensive Coordinator Per Offensive Pick $125,000
Defensive Coordinator Per Defensive Pick $125,000
Position Coach Per Player Pick $50,000


It is important to note the same structure applies to assistant coaches at pro-rated rates for their respective positions within the coaching organization.

The University of Texas has way too much money to throw around to not have an incentive-based pay structure for football coaches. Otherwise, fans can expect more of the same mediocrity since the coaches now get paid the same whether or not they win football games, conference championships, and ultimately national championships.

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